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How Many FPS is The Right Amount?

The general standard used to be 32 fps for moving pictures. But we all know that is definitely not enough for modern applications such as HD tv and gaming.

What is the right amount of fps to be aiming for?

Our eyes might not be fast enough to distinguish more than 32 fps but you can clearly see the difference between 32 fps and 50 fps. I would dare to say the optimal frame speed is probably in the 300 to 400 range. Most systems are still not able to play this with full detail but I think this is what we should be targeting.

So get out your nitrogen cooled quadruple video cards. And make sure you strap down your monitor to the desk. Because on this site we are going to make sure you are running 400 fps without any compromises to the quality or detail of the experience.

And then you will get the immersive feeling and tactical edge you have always been looking for.