FPS Hosting http://fpshosting.net Quality Teamspeak 3 and Game Servers Thu, 23 Oct 2014 01:23:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mail server settings http://fpshosting.net/mail-server-settings/ http://fpshosting.net/mail-server-settings/#comments Mon, 13 Oct 2014 02:10:59 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4400 FPS Hosting1500 Oakland Rd. Cedar Rapids, IA, 52402 USA sales@fpshosting.net • 1-800-303-3069

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Intel Atom C2758-8 core Servers http://fpshosting.net/intel-atom-c2758-8-core-servers/ http://fpshosting.net/intel-atom-c2758-8-core-servers/#comments Sun, 12 Oct 2014 01:56:57 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4325 We’ve tested a couple of these Intel Atom C2758-8 core Servers  and found them to be very reliable even at 2.4Ghz there was plenty of power to run multiple games, Teamspeak, mysql server and a handful of other applications, and the price is unbeatable! Here  are the standard specs we now offer: Intel Atom C2758 8Gbit…

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Backing up and Restoring your website http://fpshosting.net/backing-up-and-restoring-your-website/ http://fpshosting.net/backing-up-and-restoring-your-website/#comments Sat, 04 Oct 2014 22:33:40 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4266 Backing up and Restoring your website Everyone knows the importance of Backing up and Restoring your website, Anything can happen such as hardware failure, accidental deletion, Hackers and so on. All web hosts even the ones that claim to keep daily backups will have a statement in their terms of service stating “We are not responsible…

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UT3 Patch Allows You to Play After Gamespy Shutdown http://fpshosting.net/ut3-patch-allows-play-gamespy-shutdown/ http://fpshosting.net/ut3-patch-allows-play-gamespy-shutdown/#comments Thu, 02 Oct 2014 08:03:17 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4247 UT3 Patch Allows You to Play After Gamespy Shutdown As you may have heard, Gamespy is shutting down this weekend. We want to be sure you’re still able to play Unreal Tournament 3 Multiplayer. Thanks to community member Shambler, we have a patch that will allow you to continue playing. We also want to thank…

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FPS Renovations http://fpshosting.net/fps-renovations/ http://fpshosting.net/fps-renovations/#comments Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:48:21 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4096 I’m just about complete with the new FPS Renovations most aspects have been synchronized such as our control Panel software which incidentally is still requiring a proper SSL installed. Fear Not there is one there and active currently but we’re stepping up our security measures to better protect our clients. I want to also remind everyone…

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Autumn Teamspeak 3 Sale http://fpshosting.net/autumn-teamspeak-3-sale/ http://fpshosting.net/autumn-teamspeak-3-sale/#comments Tue, 16 Sep 2014 06:44:37 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=4087 Between 9/20 2014 and 10/20 2014 all new teamspeak 3 orders will get their second month Free! TeamSpeak 3’s voice quality is truly revolutionary. Featuring completely new codecs, automatic microphone adjustment, advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation, TeamSpeak 3 offers only the highest quality in voice communication. Users can finally say goodbye to echo, feedback,…

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Teamspeak 3 http://fpshosting.net/about-teamspeak-3/ http://fpshosting.net/about-teamspeak-3/#comments Mon, 01 Sep 2014 18:06:10 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=3923 The post Teamspeak 3 appeared first on FPS Hosting.

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FREE Procon Servers! http://fpshosting.net/free-procon-servers/ http://fpshosting.net/free-procon-servers/#comments Tue, 24 Jun 2014 17:43:43 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=3597 The post FREE Procon Servers! appeared first on FPS Hosting.

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Summer Long web hosting Sale! http://fpshosting.net/summer-long-web-hosting-sale/ http://fpshosting.net/summer-long-web-hosting-sale/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 04:42:05 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=3519 That’s right, At DFGHosting.com Starting now till  the end of august  we’re having A web hosting Sale! Our Little Builder Unlimited will only be $3.50 /monthly*  with Coupon Code “SummerSale50” This price will never change for the life of your account So act now to get locked in at this Incredible Low Price.    …

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Teamspeak, How we gamers communicate… http://fpshosting.net/how-we-gamers-communicate/ http://fpshosting.net/how-we-gamers-communicate/#comments Wed, 07 May 2014 18:36:37 +0000 http://fpshosting.net/?p=3482 Today we’ll focus on that wonderful software that has become our most utilized communication tool, serving our gamers with unprecedented features and reliability. Yes, I’m talking about that versatile platform called Teamspeak which has most notably, revolutionized the way we stay connected. Since Teamspeak’s debut, we’ve seen a steady improvement in the look, stability and…

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